Low-Maintenance Steel Fire Pit Logs

If you’re looking for a maintenance-free alternative to traditional wood logs, Breck Ironworks creates handcrafted, artisanal steel log sets for fire pits that are built to last and withstand the elements.

Breck Ironworks has spent over twenty years handcrafting steel and metalwork to create its signature fire pits. An increasingly popular addition to our custom fire pits are steel fire pit logs.



Steel fire pit logs are an excellent alternative to traditional wood-burning fire pits and eliminate the upkeep that a traditional wood fire pit demands: From cleaning out ash to stocking firewood, traditional fire pits involve a lot of extra work.

Steel fire pits, along with metal logs for fire pits, offer a low maintenance alternative that delivers beautiful, handcrafted logs that withstand winter and weather conditions. Metal holds and disperses heat far better than ceramic alternatives and the patina on steel fire pit logs only gets better with age.

As steel fire pit logs age, they begin to take on a rusted and weathered look, and this brown/orange tint resembles wood. The result is a warm aesthetic and cozy gathering spot for you, your family and friends.



Inspired by our architectural metalwork that adds character to your space, Breck Ironworks’ steel fire pit log sets are a long-term, low-hassle fire pit solution.

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