Restaurants: Enriching a Dining Experience With A Custom Fire Pit

Case Study: El Rancho Restaurant and Brewery in Evergreen, CO

El Rancho Restaurant and Brewery is nestled in scenic Evergreen, CO, just a stone’s throw away from I-70 between Denver and the Rocky Mountains. El Rancho beckons with its hearty pub fare, craft brews, and breathtaking high-altitude vistas.

Breck Ironworks had the pleasure of installing a Monolithic Base Design fire pit on El Rancho’s elevated outdoor deck, nestled just west of the log cabin-themed dining area. The seamless integration of our 72” Steel Monolith has transformed this space into a “Family-Favorite Focal Point,” enriching the entire dining and apres ski experience. The monolith base is one of our most popular custom designs

Envision the quintessential Colorado experience: a charmingly rustic atmosphere, a scenic patio where even your furry friends are welcome, and the irresistible lure of a fire pit courtesy of Breck Ironworks. Our fire pits are truly the perfect addition to any bar or restaurant! With a natural-looking campfire aesthetic, our fire pits infuse your dining adventure with a magical allure. The combination of a warm fire encased in realistic-looking steel logs and pinecones captivates guests while blending perfectly with El Rancho’s mountain vistas and rustic interiors, offering breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. It’s the epitome of the Colorado experience – a harmonious fusion of nature, comfort, and hospitality.

Did you know that El Rancho traces its roots back to 1948, when it first opened its doors as a humble cafe and trading post? For over 75 years, El Rancho has stood as a testament to family traditions and historical significance. Today, they proudly serve as more than just a restaurant and brewery – El Rancho is a cornerstone of the Evergreen community, an event center steeped in rich heritage.

But that’s not all! Beyond its delectable cuisine, El Rancho boasts a brewery renowned for its lagers, adding another layer of enjoyment to your visit. Conveniently located at 29260 US 40 en route to Evergreen, El Rancho invites you to embark on a journey through time. It’s like savoring the flavors of the past while toasting to the future.

Next time you are in the area, enjoy a good meal at El Rancho while warming up at Breck Ironworks’ fire pit on their patio. 

Pro-Tip:  If you are a restaurant owner looking for a fire pit on your patio, then ask about our automatic timers to ensure commercial and short-term rental fire pits are turned off every night.  

If you want a gorgeous monolith fire pit similar to the one installed at El Rancho, or if you have an idea for a custom fire pit, talk to us!