Retrofitting: Upgrade Your Fire Feature to Steel Logs

Enhance Your Fire Pit Experience with Steel Logs: Feel the Warmth Like Never Before

Are you finding that your fire pit just isn’t delivering the cozy warmth you crave? You’re not alone. At Breck Ironworks, we understand the frustration of sitting around a fire pit only to feel like you need to huddle closer for any semblance of heat. But fear not. There’s a solution that will revolutionize your fire pit experience: steel logs.

Popular but inferior ceramic logs

It’s a common misconception that all fire pit logs are created equal. Ceramic logs, while popular, simply don’t offer the same level of radiant heat as their steel counterparts. At Breck Ironworks, we’ve heard time and time again from homeowners disappointed with the lack of warmth from their fire pits. That’s why we’re passionate about introducing steel logs as a game-changing alternative.

One of the key advantages of steel logs is their superior heat retention capabilities. Unlike ceramic logs, which can decay and decompose over time, steel logs maintain their integrity and efficiency for years to come. This means you’ll not only feel the warmth more consistently, but you’ll also avoid the frustration of clogged burner orifices that can plague ceramic log setups.

Retrofit your ceramic logs to steel logs

At Breck Ironworks, we specialize in breathing new life into existing fire pits through our retrofit services. Our team will thoroughly assess your fire pit, ensuring the burner operates at peak performance. Then, we’ll upgrade your fire feature with steel fire logs that not only provide exceptional heat but also boast a remarkably realistic appearance.

Choose from a variety of steel log designs, including branches, peeling bark, quarter logs, or half logs, complete with charming pine cones. With our retrofit services, you can transform your lackluster fire pit into a focal point of warmth and ambiance in your outdoor space.

Don’t settle for a subpar fire pit experience any longer. Let Breck Ironworks upgrade your existing setup so you can fully enjoy your outdoor oasis to the fullest. Say goodbye to chilly evenings and hello to the inviting glow of steel logs radiating comforting warmth. Check out our gallery of custom fire pits and then contact us to learn more about our retrofit services and take the first step toward enhancing your fire pit experience.

Watch this Youtube video about one of our retrofits: